quadrant 101

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know where I can get the game:
Cashflow Quadrant 101. I found it on the powwow
website for $345.00. Is this about what I will have to
pay for it? I live in North Qld and thought it might make
a good xmas present for my hubby.
Hi Roz

In the Caveat Emptor section Boyler_Room is offering 20% off

Rich Dad products.

His details are listed there.


Phil :)
At three hundred odd dollars, is the Cashflow 101 game worth the money?

Is there anyway that I can have a taste of the game before spending?

Some people organise cashflow games nights where everyone meets at a restaurant or somewhere and play the game (enough people will have a copy that you can just join in with one of the games). Always plenty of people willing to teach new players too.

Keep an eye out in the Meeting Point forum for announcements of upcoming cashflow nights.

Whats your company name and/or what is your website?

Would rather like to see what else you have.


michaelg said:

We are a cashflow game distributor who sell CF101 20% off Powwow's retail price.

Email [email protected] for a purchase order form.

We currently have CF101, CF202 and CFKids in stock.

Michael G

The company name is House of Wealth, but it is used to sell software mainly. Reselling cashflow games is not really a business venture, more a favor to people on this forum.

We don't have a website for CF products, as we don't hold stock. We purchase when there is a demand and tend to redistribute immediately.

A number of people on the forum have purchased through us, so we are not without some history, just ask around.

The fact we don't have any running or holding costs, is exactly why we resell cheaply.

Michael G

Thanks for the reply and explanation of you cost reductions. Always good to get a discount on products :)

Also check your inbox.

cheers keg75

I tried to email you but got a bounce back. can you check to see if it did come through or if you mail is up n running.

cya keg75