Quantity surveyor / Depreciation Report

From: Steve B

I'm am buying my first (new) I/P unit in Sydney. I have been informed that i should have a Quantity Surveyors / Depreciation Report carried out.
I have had one quote for $650.00. Is this the way to go??. I'm told that the reason that it is so expensive is that I'm only buying one unit, if i was buying all the units in the block, then it would be much cheaper.
Thanks for your help
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From: Mark Laszczuk

Standard response: do a search.

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From: John P

Mr. Samuel Najim
(02) 9586-4401
Suite 4, No 8 - 10 The Avenue
Hurstville, NSW 2220

Steve, last time I checked, they did it for $250. No way would I be paying $600+ for a dep.schedule on a unit. I had mine done with these guys and I was more than happy with it....so was my accountant.


P.S. If the unit is new, there should already be a Dep.schedule provided.....
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From: Rixter ®

Hi Steve,

I use a very good QS who only charges around $385 ..email me I will give you his website address if you want further details!

Happy Investing,
Rixter :)
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From: Glen Taylor

Hi All.

I just went to the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (Link below) and did a search for Quantity Surveyors in my state. I then emailed a heap of them. The first one to reply was $660 inclusive (very expensive), the next $300 + $75 per hour for inspection. And the best one so far was $330 fully inclusive with 2 copies of the depreciation schedule (one for me one for the accountant). I only sent the emails out yesterday and was pleased to get 3 responses so quickly! I'm still waiting for a few more responses before I decide which one to use.


Good Luck!

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From: Terry Avery

You might be interested to know that I did the same. My selection was the
cheapest to reply at $350. However, it took weeks of chasing to get the
schedule out of them and the final result was not totally satisfactory in
that there were only six lines on the schedule. So, do you get what you pay
for? At least check and get a commitment to a deadline and minimum standard
of detail.


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From: Owen .

Try BMT & Assoc. $550 for a strata apartment and the report provided is excellent. Very comprehensive and detailed. I've used them twice now and will continue to do so.


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