Quantity Surveyor for old building



From: Anonymous

I have just bought my first residential IP,
(Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne)
a 38 year old house on a large block with
very good location to train & shops.
(with enough room to build a unit or two in
the future).
I understand a Quantity Surveyor should be
used for newer buildings, but with an older
house is it still necessary ?
Does the cost effectiveness of allowable
deductions diminish to a point where after
"x" years it is not worthwhile to use a QS ?

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From: Michael Croft

Hi Trevor,

Firstly why the anonymous post????? Nothing in your question warrants it!

Assuming the building has had no modifications/extensions/renos there is no point having a QS done. If on the other had the building has been extensively modified or extended, then maybe.

regards, Michael Croft
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From: Anonymous

Thanks for the quick response Michael.
The reason for the anonymous post has nothing to do with the content of the question.
I just needed to conceal my web address.
I signed the bottom of the post "to make amends".
Is there a way to "post" without showing web address ?

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From: Michael Croft

Hi Trevor,

There is currently no way of concealing your details from those who receive the forums posts by email, other than by posting anonymously.

This is unfortunate for those who like their privacy.

regards, Michael
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From: Ctrader .

You can't get any depreciation on the building unless there's been any renovations or extensions, but unless there was something written into the contract relating to depreciation on fixtures and fittings, you can start from the beginning again according to a QS I was talking to from Napier & Blakely the other day. It may be worthwhile contacting a QS to confirm this.
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From: Owen .

When OneTel went belly up so did my email address. Until i got a new provider I just put in a dummy address like "[email protected]" or "[email protected]". Then I could still be me.

Check out the posts from Sly Dog as he also did something to avoid anonymous posting.
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