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From: H T


has anyone had a QS do a schedule and it comes in less than anticipated..
I say this because someone I know in the same apartment block had a figure for the shared area that was 3 times the amount on my schedule. Whats the deal here, do these people have any consistency??or is it a guestamate job
has anyone compared results with 2 different QS firms??


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From: Michael Croft


Don't know the circumstances but some units can have extra areas assigned to them for depreciation purposes. Don't know too much about it except that it happens in units with high owner occupancy rates.

It goes something like this; investor pays body corp a fee for unit entitlement (not use) to be assigned to his unit for things like visitor parking. Hey presto you have tens of thousands of dollars worth of building depreciation attached to your unit.

Think tens of thousands is excessive? I know of someone who has legally doubled their building depreciation this way, I'm just not sure of the mechanics of it.

Michael Croft
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