Quartile Group

After registering on this organisation's web-site it took them 1 day before someone called me, feeling me out as to whether they might be able to find property for me.

Does anyone know about the sales arm of the above organisation?

Are they just another sales organisation looking to make cash, or are they genuinely trying to help people locate good investment propreties?


Hi Kev,

I have bought one IP thru them. I have had no problems finding tenants and vacancies have been minimal. They do a lot of research and their staff also buy their own IPs in the areas they are recommending.

It is interesting that they are focussing on the Gold Coast right now instead of Brisbane. I'm personally nervous about investing in the Gold Coast so I bought something in Brisbane instead.

I haven't heard anything negative about them so they're doing something right. My advice is to check out their property selection criteria and if it seems okay then give them a go if you're happy with the location and price of the property.

Regards, Mike