Question about conveyancing in rip offs?

I have few questions asking on behalf of my best friend.

Here's the story. Basically, he went to sell a house through a conveyancer and was offered 3 packages options to prepare the contract and stuffs like that.

One was the basic package (which cost around 1000), the other was medium (around 1500) and the highest package (around 2000). He ordered the basic package i.e. 1000. He paid around 500 deposit at the start as for to prepare the contract. Then when he recieved the inboice bill for the final settlement a few days ago, he was upgraded to the highest one and the excuse they said was they had to do extra work which was BS as they never did a good job e.g bad communication, lack of time response, etc which he thought it was ridiculous!! Basically the highest package difference to lowest page is preparing extra conditions, they come to them in poerson, weekly update via phone, response time in few hours etc. However, NONE of them was relevant! He rang them and say he insist he wants the basic package but the one who is responsible says "Sorry, there's nothing I can do about it".

I mean how can they charge the highest package when my friend has never agreed to it? Even so, they said they had to do some works which is a total BS. He tried to request for the basic 2000 - 500 = $1500 (since around 500 is still outstanding for the 1000 basic package) refund difference but the boss declines and gives some excuses.

My friend thinks this is really unreasnable and there are few questions he want to know what he can do about it

1) Is this some sort of rip off forcing them to upgrade the package where my frined never wanted it at the start plus making BS that they had to do some extra works? My friend can prove this is not true if necessary taken to court later or something

2) Can he do something about it? Like go to the Fair Trading to get the money difference back? If so, what is the chance of success? And what does he have to prove?

3) Finally can he complain to some kind of association for discipline and enforcement so the solicitor can be blacklisted or something?

He just find it so unfair and unreasonable to be ripped off like this

If anyone can advise what he can do to get the money back which they shouldn't be ripping off like that would be very much appreciated

tell him to talk to a legal costs consultant, some may give free (5-10 mins worth) phone advice.

I got ripped off by my 1st solicitor... charged $2.5k... the legal costs consultant gave us a lot of help because we realised that the solicitor hadn't given us a costs disclosure like he should have had, and so we were able to negotiate a little bit off. (Not much though!)
First of all i would ask for an itemised account of the charges and dispute anything you (or your friend i should say) deem unreasonable.

Second would be to call the law society and Office of Fair Trading to seek dispute resolution.