Question about notice period

We recently bought a property as a first home buyer. There were tenants living in the property and we decided to keep them there for a few months.

We are currently renting in another place. The owner of the unit we are renting has decided to sell the unit.

The real estate called me today to inform and said we will be given 30 days notice if the sale happens and if the new owner asks us to move out. We, on the other hand, will have to give 60 days notice to the tenants in our property to have them move out.

I think we are in an awkward situation now. Is there a way to resolve this issue?
I know that in NSW if you are on a fixed term lease they can not make you move out regardless of whether the ownership of the property changes.
If you're on a periodic lease maybe see if the realtor can give you a heads up on whether the buyer is looking to move in themselves or keep tenanted this might give you a bit more time to prepare before they give notice after settlement?
So the unit you are living in hasnt sold yet, this is just advice? Atleast this is a heads up for you as to whats happening. It would take a while to sell & change hands so I would give your tenants the 60 days notice required now & move in there as soon as you are able.

You could talk to the owner of the unit, or the new owner to see if they could be a little flexible (if they need to be, i.e if it sold straigh away).