Question for Dale

From: Anton Madievski


Here's my question:
Have 2 depreciation schedules (was not happy with the first one). One has higher building value, the other has higher plant value. Can I combine the higher values from two different schedules? Furthermore, can I mix'n'match plant depreciation schedules?
(e.g. replace values for, say lift and lighting fixtures with corresponding values from another report).

Your advice will be much appreciated.

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From: Dale Gatherum-Goss

Hi Anton

As it is your tax return, you can do that if you wish. However, just remember that if the tax office asks questions, you will need to explain what you have done and why. This may indeed open up Pandora's Box . . .

Personally, I would go with one or the other, and not a combination. Over time, the depreciation claims will balance out.

Good luck

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