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From: Caroline Wilson


I'm trying to determine what suburbs in Brisbane to buy into depending on:

1)Recent sale prices of houses and units in that suburb by number of bedrooms,

2)Past sale prices of house and units in that suburb by no. of bedrooms, and

3)Current rental yields of houses and units in that suburb.

For 1)I have found a site by the Australian property monitors - which gives a broad break down of prices for units and houses by postcode.

For 3) The Queensland Residential Tenancies authority has monthly data by region and no. of bedrooms.

Can anyone give me some ideas as to where I can find more in depth research and the approximate cost if any for the service.

Your assistance and tips are greatly appreciated.

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From: Mike .

Hi Caroline,

Residex provide a number of reports. Their website is:

Below I have summarised these reports and added a link to their sample reports.

Unsure where to buy? Try the Residential Property Return Report to see how areas in the city have been performing. At a cost of just $68.50 the cheapest overview of the property market available.

Or try The Top 100 Postcode Predictions to find areas with a statistical propensity to perform well in the future. Reports are available for houses and/or units for 5 or 8 years (8 year option NSW only).
The current price is $185.00 or both time periods for $350.00 GST inc.

Already know your property? Then get a House Price Explorer to give you the best insight into what the property is worth. Reports are available for both houses and units in either NSW or Queensland.
The current price is $65.00 GST inc.

Or get Comparable Sales and see which properties have recently sold nearby. The current price is $55.00/postcode for houses or units. Or $77.00/postcode for houses and units combined.

Or try a House Price Index and see how the market in your area has moved historically... and how we project it to move in the future. Covering growth rates since 1979, a Residex house price index report is excellent value at $132.00 GST inc.

Predictive Indices provides the same information as the House Price Indices plus a projection of estimated growth rates and median prices for a post code for 3, 5, 8 and 10 years. The current price is $165.00 for house or units, $275.00 for both houses and units.

For Frequently Asked Questions:

Mike's tip: ask Residex to supply sales figures indexed to current day values, so that sales occurring 2 years ago are matched to current prices for better comparison.

Regards, Mike
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From: Caroline Wilson


Thanks very much for the detail. I had heard of Residex reports - but weren't sure exactly what they provided.

I gather you think highly of them

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From: Mike .

Hi Caroline,

You don't need to buy every report from Residex although the sales data with bedroom numbers and property type would be handy.

There is cheaper general and suburb demographics available from PRD Realty (Property Research Development). Each report is $14.95.
Home Page:

If you register and login to their research area there are some free samples to view or order your own which can be downloaded. The research area is at:

Some samples at:

Sorry, the following link to the Suburb Profile doesn't work properly because you need to login to view those samples.

Another useful site for Brisbane is Brisbane Property Information.

From the index you can hyperlink to other areas such as:

Brisbane Property Information

Brisbane Property Ratings

Property Assessment Guides

Brisbane Property Ratings is the product of five years research and analysis by highly qualified professionals who sought to produce a rating system for Brisbane (Freehold Title) Residential Real Estate. The guide/ratings have no bias towards any commercial enterprise and are designed to give consumers and property purchasers an in depth analysis of the Brisbane Market.

The "Ratings" are based on a "Formula" of points allocated to ten (10) critical areas of property acquisition.(Quote)

1. Quality / Prestige

2. Socio-Economic Issues

3. Lifestyle

4. Proximity To Key Niches/CBD

5. Market Valuation Assessment

6. Land Expansion Capability

7. Access To Key Facilities/Amenities

8. Undervaluation/Overvaluation Analysis

9. Past Capital Growth Analysis

10. Capital Growth Prospects

Caroline, this ratings report is also downloadable for free.
Also downloadable for free is the Property Assessment Guide.

Brisbane Property Information offers a free guide to assist you in buying property. It is completely unbiased and will help you to make a more informed decision. The guide is based on points, which are allocated to indicate possible strengths and weaknesses in certain areas. It is designed to steady emotion in purchase and help the prospective purchaser deal logically with their assessment and analysis. Using the guide allows a purchaser to compare the results with those of other properties they have assessed. Those properties showing most points will not necessarily be the best properties to purchase. (Quote)

Mike: I hope you find some of this info useful. Start with the free and low cost stuff and use Residex for the rest.

Regards, Mike
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From: Caroline Wilson


Thank you so much for taking the time to
enter all that info for me.

It is very very much appreciated.

Great stuff.

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