Question on water rates


This is my first time posting on this forum. I'm intending to put in an offer for my first IP and I'm currently doing some calculations on the cashflow of a property that I intend to make an offer on. The property is currently owner occupied and has its own water meter.

The latest water bill was included in the Section 32. I would like to know with regards to the water rates, which items will I, as a landlord be liable to pay? In the rates notice, there are 5 items:-

1) Water Usage
2) Sewage Disposal
3) Service Charges
4) Water & Drainage charges
5) Annual Parks charges

I know that item 1 & 2 will be paid for by the tenant and that item 4 and 5 is to be paid by the landlord. But I am unsure if tenant or the landlord is responsible to pay the service charges.

The reason that I would like to clarify this is because the service charges stated on the water bill is $79.72/quarter. I have never seen this item in the water bill of other properties that I looked at before - the usual is water & drainage charges + annual park charges only (usually $130/yr).

Any advise on this would be great. Thanks heaps :)
Check with your property manager. Sewerage charges are paid by the owner in Queensland as part of their rates - Victoria may be different.

I have rented for a few years in Melbourne and have never had to pay either water rates or sewage disposal rates.

Landlords may work it into the rent anyway but I would be sceptical about tenants' willingness to pay these rates.

I've rented properties in a few different capital cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra) and have never paid rates of this type.

But like I mentioned the landlord could have included the rates into the rent without being explicit about it.
Page 12 of the document below....$file/RentingComplete.pdf

I beleive you need to pay everything else other than usage and sewerage disposal.


The Y-man