Question regarding Development Applications & old plans

Hi Guys,

I am becoming familiar with the new online electronic planning tools that the state government have recently launched for submitting DA's / MCU's, etc.. Some councils are online at the moment (Mackay, Bundaberg) and others will be coming on soon (Moreton Bay, etc.)

By registering for free, you can apply for DA through this website.

I was filling in some details regarding my application and came up with the following question:

Superseded planning scheme:

Has the local government agreed to apply a superseded planning scheme to this application under section 96 fo the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 ?

The thing is, my property is 20 years old, and the current planning requirements for a block today is different to what it was 20 years ago. The modifications I am considering doing to the property wouldn't possibly be able to go ahead now, but might be able to go ahead under the old plans. (i.e. duplexes 20 years ago could be built on land < 1000m2, but I think now needs to be on > 1000m2)

By ticking this question as yes, is it just simply informing the Council to access proposal based on a superceded plan?

I somehow query why they would have this in place. I would have thought that anything you are wanting to be done should be with respect to the most current plans.

Thanks in advance for any comments.