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Hi all,

Questions for the learned, please ..

1. Does landlord's insurance cover periods of vacancy?
If not, is there any that does?

2. What kind of properties are those not typically available to the general public?

3. Contract clauses - Beyond the 'subject to finance'/'subject to inspection' clauses, what clauses can be attempted to be inserted that offer the buyer the most favorable position, or, work in the buyer's interest?

4. Favorable offers - We could offer to buy 1+ titles for a reduction in price, or, offer a larger deposit. Are there any other tips and tricks for encouraging a vendor to accept an offer?

5. Apart from buying off the plan, and then borrowing against value rather than purchase price, is there any other way that allows you borrow more, with the bank's blessing?

6. What supporting evidence/arguments would be required to make a value loan more successful?


Curious Onlooker
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