Quicktime Not Working - Help - IPOD

I just bought an IPOD Nano and downloaded itunes however a message pops up "Quicktime failed to initialize. Error #-2093 Please make sure Quicktime is properly installed on this computer.

I have tried to download quicktime but I dont think Norton is letting me do it. The apple screen is saying thank you for your download but I dont see the quicktime program installed on my computer.

When I clicked on the quicktime download the pop up says "pop up is blocked. To see this pop up or additional options click here". But I dont have a chance to click here because it only stays on the screen for less than a second.


Do you think maybe my Norton settings are too high? Can anyone help me to download this blasted Quicktime.

arrghh im frustrated!

Apple & Norton,
why not just shoot yourself in the foot,

quicktime, you have to install the crap software because you bought the crap hardware
Norton, just smash pc yourself and save the time, if you've never run your pc with a different AV, you would not believe how fast it goes.
As an IT Consultant, I'll second Bob's opinion despite him being in Canada. :D Repeat after me, "Norton does a lot more harm than good".
Norton software comes bundled free with many pcs because if you didnt get too lazy to remove it and all the hooks it leaves in your system, nobody would ever go out and buy it, but people think 'well I might as well pay for it its already there,
Peter Norton is rolling in his figurative grave, he aint dead yet but symantec could still kill him
Symantec products sold under the symantec banner are fast small, constantly updated, install no hooks in the registry and can be cleanly removed re-installed modified.
Symantec products sold under the norton name are bloated slow irregularly updated, f___ up the registry, need special software tools to remove properly, dont reconfigure if you change the use of the pc, ARE TWICE THE PRICE.
It is the symantec branded product that gets the rave reviews seen in advertising at the bigbox store
There are free products (AVG Avira Avast) that exceed NIS in rankings since rankings were invented. VET from Computer Associates is(at least was) an Aussie company that beats norton in ability
When Microsoft released on CD all updates to the Windows Operating systems available in 2002/3 for 95 98 2000 xp vista, VET was the software included in the cd and available worldwide to download with MS's recommendation and a 1 year license. ( subtext:: I know if MS had built their software locked down there would be no need for AV, but 'momma said, stupid is as stupid does' bygones are gone )

Norton ships hundreds of thaousands of copies: Norton does not SELL hundreds of thousands of copies, is bundled in Dell Acer et al (junk pcs). Nobody buys it, many renew the 3month free coz they know no better

bought two identical laptops (we dont share well)
installed one out of the box with the software bundle (norton),
installed (mine) configured with chosen software (avast MBAM(full)).​
set the two next to each other,
90 seconds to boot, vs, 15 seconds to boot
choppy video fullscreen, 1080p fullscreen, live zoom
removed all known bundled crapware from the pc
30 second boot, vs, 15 second boot
good video fullscreen, fantastic video fullscreen
Wipe the drive format install chosen software
15 second boot, vs, 15 second boot
all good

long post, not relevant to the topic, IDontCare