Racist Bullying Bosses

Can you explain a little more Queen Bee?

Racism and bullying is not tolerated in the work place- proving it is another thing though.

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Racism - I heard the boss say to someone in a social situation, you black c*nt, you dumb black c*nt, you black *******, you stupid black abo. But apparently he says it out loud at work as well to the same person. When I hit this person up about it being racist, he said he knows this person well, and doesn't mind. So privately (in a social situation) I asked the recipiant of all this why do you let him speak to you like that, and don't you mind. He said yes he does mind, but it's his boss. The boss also begins or ends every one of these sentences with "I'm not a racist, you ........"

Bullying - When the boss is in a stressed state or bad mood. "Do ya like ya job!".

I think it's wrong, but there's probably not much you can do about it, but it makes me real mad.
Apparently the boss and his boss, say the "Do ya like ya job" thing to at least two of the people at work. One of them stood up to him and said "Is that a threat?", and he backed off. I think this guy is a bully
i think he's a hot head who might have anger management issues.

also seems people just can't handle a bit of emotion anymore, either.
And I went to the Human Rights Commission website, and looked under Racial Discrimination Act, but it says

* promote equality before the law for all persons, regardless of their race, colour or national or ethnic origin, and
* make discrimination against people on the basis of their race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin unlawful.

Which is seems different than actually verbally abusing someone, because of their colour, because they still get the same rights at work as everyone else?
This boss is non relentant in his verbal abuse, this is happening constantly almost every day, it would wear you down I would think
Do the man a favour. Tell him not to put up with it and to contact the HRC and Workplace Relations.

Track the numbers down and hand it to him on a piece of paper.
Absolutely unacceptable.
I would find it offensive either way, what makes it worse is that it's coming from his boss. I think that's unacceptable, unprofessional, and would be surprised if the top management or CEO would be happy to find something like that out.

I would also think that fat people wouldn't like it if there boss called them a big fat pig in front of everyone, or you dumb ugly fat fu*ker
As mentioned above, I would be handing your work mate the appropriate numbers.

This sounds very peculiar.

What industry are you in?

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There's a big HR department, so probably them. I told him he should join a Union in case everything hits the fan one day, but he said he's asked the boss about joining a Union, and he keeps telling him he doesn't need to join one. I said go to the Pay Department and say you want a form.

I'm irritated about what I think is bullying as well, when he keeps saying "Do u like yr job?", cos this guy has a family to support, and he's not only threatening him, but his family too. I was pretty sure you can't get sacked for doing nothing, but then they could always hide behind redundancy
He needs to write everything down and keep a record of dates, time and places.

You know Queen Bee, you can't help someone who doesn't want to help himself.

It's a sad fact.

Regards JO
I've heard black fellas call each other same. is that racist?

would it offend you less if black was left out?

some peopel understand why it's offensive others don't

i think personally the idots that can't understand are the ones with the issue not those that work it out...

even the boss knows what his hehaviour is, which is why he covers his **** by saying "I'm not racist" before these statements
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Josko, not as perculiar as you might think.

I had a job at a Call Centre for all of 3 months until I walked out in disgust. Myself and about 4 other women were all constantly bullied by the Supervisor and the Manager every dam day. Well I would classify it as bullying.

The Supervisor would yell across the room and say things like "Are you stupid or something", "Did you leave your brain at home today", "Why are you going to the toilet again, you only went 2 hours ago", "I've already told you that, god, some people are stupid".

Oh and, well don't worry about losing that customer, she's an abo, and probably wouldn't pay her bill anyway", "couldn't understand that customer, well it's not surprising, she's an Abo!"
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