Raising a Queenslander

Hi Folks,

I live in a Queenslander that has the bottom level enclosed. But the bottom level is not at legal height. Both the top and bottom level have its own bathroom and kitchen. So basically, I have a self-contained top and bottom unit in this house. I am considering raising the house higher so that the bottom level is at legal height. The bottom level is currently quite old, so I don't mind if the existing walls are demolished. I intend to keep the existing plumbing and just put in a new kitchen & bathroom. What I want to do is to rent out the bottom level.

Here comes my questions... I would like to know how to go about putting in a separate Water, Electricity, and Gas meter fir the bottom level. Do I need to strata-title the property so that I can have a separate address for the bottom level, eg, unit 1/house number?

Thank you kindly,