Raising rent during current lease.

Hi all,

I visited my IP in Beenleigh (QLD) yesterday
(my first visit since purchase!) and had
a good chat with the tenant.

He asked if I would consider installing an
air conditioner and I said I would think about it

I asked the PM to get some quotes, and that
I would be happy to go ahead if the tenant agreed
a $20/week rent increase.

The PM has said we can't increae the rent until
the current lease is up for renewal , which is 9 months away.

Is this correct? Can't the rent be altered if the tenant agrees?

anything can be changed within a fixed term lease agreement (including the rent) if there is mutual agreement between both parties (and obviously no duress directed towards either party)

The tenant can legally refuse to allow the rent to be increased just as you can legally refuse to install A/C in the property.

How badly does the tenant want A/C installed? If the tenant agrees to the rent increasing in return for the installation of A/C then that is a fair exchange of goods and is mutual agreement bewteen both parties. If they dont agree then you dont agree to install the A/C quite simple really.