Random noob questions

Hi guys.
I've been following the forum for a few months now, and am looking set myself up to get into this property game within a year or so.

Just a few random questions:

-changing densities: how does somebody keep track of rezoning? e.g. an R20 area rezoned to R20/40 etc. Is there a way to keep up to date with this other than checking the local planning scheme maps every few months? I am pro-densification, definitely anti-sprawl!

-strata types: the trend seems to be for single detached dwellings, even on compact sites. if you have control over the whole development site wouldn't it be more effective to build townhouse type arrangements with a shared party wall and more useable outdoor space? Are there any disadvantages to this other than perceived desire for standalone houses?

- market demand: I know its best to speak to an agent about this, but just off the cuff, what do you guys see as the most in demand development type. 3x2's? 4x2's? 2x1's? I am thinking of developing and selling rather than holding.

- builders: I know there are heaps of threads on selecting the best builders, but can anyone recommend good builders for totally custom designed homes. I am designing a prototype of my own that I would like priced and eventually built.

- architect developers: if there are any of you in the forum please get in touch!

Cheers :)

p.s. thanks to everyone for contributing to such a useful resource! :)