rates for 24 hours of nannying new years anyone know and includes driving a distance?

would anyone have an idea for a nanny for new years eve from midday 12 noon the day before to
midday 12 noon the day after so 24 hours

so overnight stay
plus its an hour or more drive to the location

what would be the rate for nannying a 1 yr old child

and i am trying to break down the varyables for other nannying situations

how would it vary for new years eve nannying of
other age children
more children
without the overnight stay

how does one work out for travel time and petrol

how much is nannying when its not new years eve and if two families combine children to a total of 3 children is it the cost of one family eg 15-20 p/h during the year or is it more please.

thanks so much

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Hi Francine

I would consider babysitting for you on NYE if I was in Victoria, but I live in Sydney.
Abit about myself, I am a Registered Nurse working in a childrens hospital, and I can provide references. Anyone needing a kind hearted but responsible babysitter, let me know ! especially if any of the kids have special needs.
I guess this post will probably be rejected by the mods as unsuitable, but I just couldnt resist answering.

Good luck Francine.

That's better money than tutoring (and no preparation or marking):D.

Might have to look into that.

I think I'm over the baby stage though. Screaming toddlers I can handle.:p
Im not sure how much I would charge to babysit NYE. It would depend on how many kids and how far I have to travel, also the hours involved.

$200 to $250 would be the ballpark. Two families could share me, if they only had say 2 kids each. So four kids total. The hours I would work for would be something like 8pm to 2am, as a guess.

Im looking for my first property at the end of January, every cent helps. Im thinking to register with a nanny agency and get some extra work on my days off. Madly saving.

gosh that's just ridiculous. everything here is so expensive.

in asia, u could get a live in nanny that would also clean and cook for $200 per mth. Maybe less and though it sounds cheap..it's a lot for them and a win win situation.

A lot of asians hire confinement nannies from Asia after they give birth. They come over on a tourist visa but work as a nanny for up to 6 mths. It's illegal but they don't get paid as such here...usually famillies in Asia already takes care of the payment. It's a bit like your mum coming and helping you out but instead of 'paying her' you give her a gift i.e a red packet.
gosh that's just ridiculous. everything here is so expensive.

It's only expensive during times like New Years Eve. Childcare in Australia is mostly cheap :confused:.

Family Day Care costs about $4.00 per hour per child. Providers need to look after 5 or 6 children at one time to earn well under the average wage:eek:.

Nannying costs much more but most earn pretty poor wages also.

I guess they do it because they love it, it's convenient or because that's all they feel they are qualified to do.