RBA on Housing - told you so

State governments are incapable of moving on population planning fast enough to make a difference at this stage. Some state governments are simply incapable. And most local governments are hamstrung by their state masters forcing them to extract ever greater charges from developers, never mind ever-growing meddling in private property rights. And the banks still don’t want to lend ot developers. It’s a bleak outlook.

and i told YOU so.....
Talk of "RBA warnings of an asset bubble" is just ignorant garbarge when it's the RBA's policy causing the bubble it's warning against.
They had to cause that bubble to save the A$$ ot banking club of big 4.
The think for a mere second that the RBA has any concern for borrowers and homeowners is sheer fantasy.
Once the banks are on high land, the screws will tighten, and all the inflation and monetary fizzlement of the last 5 yrs will be paid for.
But only from those whom have something to pay, ie RE & biz owners.
And yea, told you so too!
no trades people , a slower than slow gov council system to approve the new homes , and the influx of thousands of immagrants, not many ready to build homes , i think thi is somthing developed in LA! la! land, it won't happen.