RBA vs Pollies and Stars

What is going on with the RBA and the Pollies?
Same page Not!

SAYING that ''nobody is doing victory laps'', Treasurer Wayne Swan and other finance ministers from the world's 20 richest nations have vowed to keep emergency stimulus measures in place.


The RBA seems to be saying growth and back to normal next year.

Since it's a dice throw, I looked up the astrological predictions for 2009. Ed Tamplin, about the only Australian view I could find, has some interesting things to say:

Last year I wrote that the time of unprecedented market growth was coming to an end. I noted that we are moving into a similar planetary pattern that marked the 1873 New York Stock market collapse and subsequent 'long recession', which lasted four years. Unregulated speculative credit was the cause then, as it is today.​


I expect the bottom will be reached in 2010, and we'll get a fair idea of the depth from late 2009.​

So the people into Signs and Houses see to know as much as the people into markets and houses. lol

Sorry no mention there of RBA decisions in December but at least the Chinese astrologers are honest about the potentials in 2010

Events set in motion now will pick up speed and continue until either the objective is attained or the whole endeavor crashes and burns.​