Re: 12.5% or better

From: Yuch .

12% is a reasonable yield for a wrap.

However, with wraps you get the $7000 FHOG whereas buy&holld you don't, and
the $7000 pay off all my initial costs for that property therefore my
return is infinite!! Is this not good enough?


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From: "Sly Dog" <>

So 12% is a good return for a wrap!? I've just opened up a 'Realtor
Magazine' that gets sent to me and there are 2 x 1 bed units showing 12.5%
gross on asking price. Asking $32,000 and $29,500. Location = Queanbeyan

Why would you wrap? Borrow at 6.5% fixed for 5 years, and that 6% to you!
Oh yeah, you could probably get the gross over 13%, and you get to keep it
if you want too :)

Sly Dog

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12.5% or better

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From: Nigel W

Has there been much growth in Queenbeyan? (altho with a strong return like that one may well ask who cares?)

I understand that Canberra prices have been going up - has there been any flow on to this sattelite town?
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12.5% or better

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From: Robert Forward

Queanbeyan took a huge Capital Gain hit late last year. It lasted for approx 3 months where everything sold within days. All this just as I was about to flip some properties there too (damn it).

I haven't been back to investigate the prices for some months now but I'd expect the market there to be reasonable at the moment. But in my mind QBN will slow down before Canberra does.


The Sydney "Freestylers" Group Leader.
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12.5% or better

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From: Yuch .

Hi Sly Dog,

At year 5, I make $15,000!! :)

Without $7000 FHOG, I gain $8000!!

~ The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching. ~
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12.5% or better Wrap Off

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From: Anonymous


Don't forget to deduct legal costs and re-fit $ for any problem wraps over that time ????
As well as holding costs such as loan interest and no income

All that is gold can loose it's glitter.

Check out API mag.
W.A. legal ramifications that are now happening

Sly Dog

You know your stuff. Bet you are not wrapped on wrapping.

Please tell
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