re:- good tax accountant in perth

ok, not sure my present accountant is taking me for a ride. The past three tax returns, i have been charged $715 each. Not sure is this the 'market price'. I put my receipts separately into three envelopes- investment property, work related and investment materials. before submitting to him, i'll include a summary sheet as well. nothing out of the ordinary i thought.

so, is my accountant charging me sky high? :(
Sounds a bit rich to me.
I'm a PAYE employee with 3 IPs. Provide summaries and everything else I can to make it easy. Zone rebates can be a pain when you're an itinerant worker.
Last return cost me $135 from memory.
..i have 1 IP and a couple of shares. No business and didn't sell any properties.

Same here - we are a couple, both PAYE employees, have 1 IP and some shares/managed fund investments.

Last return was 180$+GST per head.

I'd say ditch your account as anything above 300$ is way too much for what they need to do.
The company I work for would charge less than $180 for a return like that. Pretty basic really, no need to be forking out $715!!! :eek:
Our accountant charges us around $550. I thought that was pretty good because he is faster and cheaper then our previous one at $600.
My accountant charges around $300 per year to do my wife's and my tax returns. This years was pretty messy with selling, buying and a renovation and was still only $330. I also ring him for info throughout the year with no charge.