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From: Dave :)

Hey there everyone.

Thanks to all of you who supported my original post a week ago. (Hit "next" on the bottom of the message board to see the original post.)

I now have enough interested buyers to approach the developer and secure the apartments at the discount I (painfully) negotiated with him last week. Not all the apartments have been spoken for, but enough to qualify for the discount so I'm now going to approach him...a week earlier than anticipated.

I'm meeting with investors and the developer starting from today. I've emailed all who have contacted me regarding this. However, some of you are overseas and cannot be reached on work emails/phone numbers at the moment, hence this post. For those of you who are o/seas, please ensure you have a nominee who can be in Melbourne and sign on your behalf...and please email me their details to ensure they qualify for the discount. The developer has said any investors that arrive to sign contracts, who I can't prove I've spoken/emailed with, will be paying the asking price.

Ok, for the sake of disclosure (Mike), the apartments I have been referring to are in Yarraville, Melbourne. 7km from the cbd, one of the two Boom Suburbs as mentioned in API mag...18% growth last year stomping ground.

Thanks again to all the rest of you for your support...I really appreciate it. If anyone else is still interested, please email me quickly for details.


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