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From: Michael G


Peoples, I'm considering doing a subdivision. The block is 3200sqm in size and I'm looking at cutting it up into 4 sections.

But, I've never done one before so I would like to tap into the well of knowledge here to find out;

- the steps in the process
- the costs involved (and when they occur)
- tricks and traps to look out for
- any time and money saving techniques.

Any leads on good solicitors who has detailed experience with options and this kind of deal.

Michael G.
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From: Steve Piggott

Hi Mike.. I'm here in lil ol Adelaide and doin a subdivision here. So 3200 m2... why only four blocks? and what are the minimum size allotments? Did you assess the ability to acquire under the margin scheme.
You need to find out from local government council/shire the min allotments etc. I suggest you will need the service of a town planner then assess costs with a conveyancer then a surveyor.
My latest subdivision is 2000 m2 with 2 torrens titles and 4 community titles. All are 300 m2 titles (that's the min ).
The margin scheme could help save tax dollars if the block was previously owned prior to 1 july 2000. Basically your purchase price less the retrospective value of the allotment gives the margin of taxable
value. Please check this out yourself on the ato database... some 26 pages of reading on the subject.

Do your homework and find the right team to help... and if the deal stacks up... make some money!

Happy Investing
Neb :)
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From: Sergey Golovin


I think that minimum in NSW (was introduced recently, 1-2 (?) years ago) is 500 m2 per block. This is if you want to subdivide it completely, create few new titles. So, looks like you can have 6 lots/titles, but you have to make sure that it is enough space for driveways, etc., I think.

If you want to subdivide into 3 blocks (3 titles) you probably can build up to 6 (?) townhouses per block, 18 (?) total.

Check with Council.

Where is the block, which Council/Shire?

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From: Juzz O'K

If you really want to know everything
& have the time try this book.

"Real estate Development-workbook &
manual" by Howard A Zuckerman

Its USA based but extremely in depth,
i think its a must for any would be developer.


PS I'm only 1/3 the way through it & I imagine it'll still take another 2 months.
Cost Approx $200.00
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