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From: Fernando Loprete

Today I called an agent to ask about a house that sold recently, at auction i presume which was 2 weeks ago, and he told me that he couldn't divulge that information to me. My question is, must he tell me that price it sold for? Secondly, if he wont tell me, where can i find this information? Thanks in advance.
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From: Michael G


Ask him is they can do a search in their residex database (or whatever database they subscribe to) for the property listed at (name the address).

Michael G.
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From: Michael Yardney

No - the agent does not need to divulge the price.
Sometimes the vendor or the purchaser request that the price not be made public. This would usually occur if the property was passed in at auction and was negotiated afterwards or if it was bought before auction.
It is little use hiding the price if it was a public auction because lots of people were there, but I have still heard of people who have asked the price of a public auction not to be publicised.
Look up the AGE newspaper / domain database of auction results, or simply go to the neighbours and ask them what it sold for. They often know, especially at auctions.
Michael Yardney
Metropole Properties
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From: Eddy Morris

I would just pay $65 (I think) and get a Residex report on that address. Even if the actual address failed, you would have sales in the surrounding area. Its worth the money.
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From: George M

I know this will sound like a silly question(wont be my first time)but did you check Mondays Sun newspaper?
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From: Rick Otton

drop me a line, i'm online with residex and i'll pull the info for you

rick otton
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