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My experience is limited. I accessed it through a friends account a couple of times last year, so things might have improved/changed since.

I found it interesting. It is good to be able to search with various filters across multiple sites at one time. That is probably the major draw card for this tool. However i find that the keyword search isn't that great. For example if you are trying to search using multiple words it will return not only the multiple words you want, but also the words individually.

I liked how it showed you how long an ad had been displayed for, along with details on the avg selling price and rental for that particular area. This information is great to have at a glance, but you should still do your own research to determine how accurate their estimate is.

They have their little sales pitch webinar often. (i think every week during Feb) It basically gives you a quick visual tutorial of how to use the site to achieve certain search outcomes. When i watched last year it was very interesting, but ended up being dragged out.

They give the usual "sales pitch"... we have this great special for you, but it is only valid until the end of the week... here is your special link. Then you go to that link after the cut off date and the offer is still valid and active. (When will businesses learn that this destroys trust and credibility if you don't actually end the offer when you say you will!)

If you want access to the webinar deal, use this link Have a look at the guarantee at the bottom. You can have 7 days to play with it before they charge you.

The site is a good tool and can help reduce your online search time, but i think it is a little expensive. Especially for the full price. (Last year that was around the $1,500 mark) .

Maybe someone that has used it more extensively and more currently can add to my comments?
RE Investar

I am a regular user of RE Investar, find it a very good way of finding what I am looking for. My only frustration is that they have multiple listings.

I would recommend it to anyone.

Has anyone heard of ? Has anyone subscribed to them? What are your thoughts?
Granted the realestateinvestar program is a little clunky and with some multiple listings, however it saves time searching multiple websites using specific search criteria and therefore pays for itself. Concessional pricing for Pricefinder through this system makes it even more valuable.
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Fantastic service and I would recommend to anyone. Click my signature link below it takes you to a free webinar where you can log in to try it out.
Has anyone heard of ? Has anyone subscribed to them? What are your thoughts?

Had a look at the program when attending a Positive Real Estate (Old Entrepreneurs Success Centre when they were mixed up with Richmastery NZ) information night, definitely looks impressive as a search engine on various Real Estate sites with a huge amount of keywords, but also ties in with suburb data, comparable sales, etc getting it's information from a variety of sources and groups it all together in one place. It also has a portfolio tracker.

A number of Positive Real Estate personnel appear on the web-site case studies and testimonials, so they must be pretty happy with it; though in saying that, there seems to be less than 6 degrees of seperation between many property investing, education and associated companies nowadays.

I have no idea of the sign up price or monthly fee's?

But you had better jump on quick though, as they are apparently commited to only offering it to 1% of property investors :D

There looks to be a number of australian, property investor education groups promoting/pushing/affiliated with the product and an opportunity for other 'sales partners' to get on board for $25k each with 'projected returns' of $130k to $250k in the first year

Looks like a great search tool automating some of the process, that hopefully will only get better over time and lift the game with some of the free providers ; any buyers agents here using it?
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I found out about real estate investar a couple of months ago via a webinar and it looked pretty good.
What it basically does is shorten the process of research as the search engines are more powerful and more detailed which allow you to sort the chaff from the wheat quicker.
You can get the same information through a variety of other websites if for example you are looking for mortgagee auctions but it takes longer.
One of the advantages I found with the program is that you can put your subscription on hold for up to three months so if you find a property and you move on from researching of a property purchase to the settlement of the purchase you can save some money but keep your subscription up.
The thing you need to be aware of is that the more features you want the more you have to pay. I think the $99 is the basic subscription but if you want another feature like to be able to compare a property you are looking at with other sales in the area and use available search engines and filters to give you a comparable valuation of a property you are looking at that is another feature. I really liked that feature but couldn't afford the $120 (i think) a month extra it costs.
I do think if you are an advanced investor who is close to or are working full time on your portfolio it would be a fantastic tool as it would allow you to cut down your research time and if you are at a point where you have a sustainable income from you current portfolio but are still expanding it would be the most advantageous.

Checked out the site. The offer was for the first 10 people:
No Joining fee
$79 a month
7 days to try
30 days to change your mind
(terms and conditions)

I think one can use the dashboard as on the demo with that subscription. didn't seem like a bad deal.