has officially..... has officially turned S#!T

What do others think of it? I see lots of things removed search criterias etc, however nothing added.
I really hate it....can someone find the old search by map function?

I use to look at everything listed in an area each inner-brisbane which would have about 20-30 i have to manually enter every's going to slow me down!

Plus they've removed the 'adprice' from the html code...disappointing.
Yeh its really bad actually.

Looks pretty if your a FHOB looking for a one off house in newtown, but if you use it regular it is catestrophic.

You see the maps and regions are gone.

There is now a max of 20 houses per page with 4 x flash ads inbetween, which not only slows your net down and gobble internet downloads for those who are on budgets but means you need to dearch through 10 pages of houses instead of 7 pages to see 200 properties. means more time.

Other refiners have gone such as blocks of units.

This is terrible and makes domain now slightly better user friendly.

Another example of employees trying to be heros and reinvent the wheel. Goodluck to the new GM of REA.

Not a fan at all.

Well, the day has come rea has totally stuffed their market share. Look at there very amatuer property search engine.

It looks good yes, but its like a cheap chinese car, it cannot perform.

Negatives are, well where do we start....

It has been stripped of search criteria and been filled up with flash advertising which slows your computer down.

Check out the new site and please dont reply saying looks pretty just after looking at the home page. Seriously need to do a couple of searches to see what has happend to it.

Has anyone got a good substitute for this? is looking superior at present, however I cringe when saying that.

There are a couple of paid for services but nothing with the features once had.

Very very disappointing by the team who created this new mess of a site to be a hero in your corperate world.

Its benfiting by a looking prettier, and generating more advertising revenue.

Its negative due to everything, search perameters are gone, less search results, too many ads which slows your computer down, bad user interface, and comes with a broad search pool so have to sift through heaps of junk!

Others thoughts?
More importantly what else are you using at present for search results?
Only other ones I use are paid for search engines.
I actually quite like it. I'll have to use it for a day and comment more, but on the surface it looks great.

Seriously, the old web site was dated. It had a 2001 look and feel, and I always considered to be a superior design and tended to use it more by default.

I use an adblocker that removes all those obtrusive ads, so I don't get any slow down at all.

Have you tried using the real estate feature on Google Maps?
Still undecided but so far yes, it seems slower which is very annoying.
However, I do like the map feature with the balloons, and I also like the fact I don't have to go back to the main page each time I want to search a different suburb (that in it's self used to waste my time).
You can list as many suburbs as you like in the search bar which is also good.

I can see it's not perfect but I think I'll be able to work with it. Especially when used in conjuction with Google etc.
I have just had a lengthy call come in and it seems like the obvious that there is a reason for the new interface, that is to help with their click through and page impressions which ultimately means more revenue for them.

However how does this work when less people use it?

It is an end of an error, try using it for a week and see how you feel then??

Its got pretty little bells and whistles however it doesnt do the same job as it once did.

Big companies trying to improve their bottom line, I think time will tell this is a FAIL!

Its stripped out over 10 functions already, without even looking further.

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It looks good to me. The Map function with the list is great.

I'm a programmer myself, and Users are always the same. They moan, moan, moan as soon as there's a change before they even give it a chance.

Come back in a few days/weeks once you have adjusted to the new site and moan then.
it doesn't even work for me, I just get the results shoved up against the left, everything one under the other. Makes the page crazy long.

Force refresh didn't help, nor did using IE not firefox ...
Yep same as facebook changes. Everyone complained and said oh im going to stop using facebook. It is rubbish. Blah Blah Blah. Guess what noone did. Users grew and so did profits. Same with this site. People will complain. Everyone will adjust. Users will grow and revenue will increase.
to me layout's a lot better. I use add filters in firefox for quicker loads and less rubbish being rendered.

although i would like to see the return of more property results displayed, blocks of units as a searchable property type and regions displayed on the map (although i did notice it was included in the list box of suburbs like southern brisbane)
I'm a programmer myself, and Users are always the same. They moan, moan, moan as soon as there's a change before they even give it a chance.

Come back in a few days/weeks once you have adjusted to the new site and moan then.

Working in IT, I get this all the time too. It's only the 5% of "intense" users that btch and moan when an interface is changed. Everyone else accepts it. If the site really and truly is horrendous (ie, bad design, bad decision), then it will be reverted. Missing functionality will eventually be added back in - just complain TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE and stop btching and moaning here. Squeaky wheels get oiled, but only if they go to the mechanic first.

The site would be slow because world+dog are being told "Hey, have you checked out the new site yet?".
I agreee with Nathan, i hate it.

Wouldn't stop using it, because it has more properties than Domain and other sites but i hate it.

Mja, i agree it's the people that use it most that complain - i'm in Real Estate :( We had the guy in the other day who told us it was changing "A little", i constantly have the window up and it doesn't load as fast for me so that's irritating.