recommend mb in melbourne

Hi all,
Can anyone provide me with contact details for a good mb in melbourne please.
We currently have a ppor and one ip but are currently looking to purchase another ip shortly and if equity allows another one shortly after that. Need to investigate the best way to structure our loans to make the most of the equity we have.
Presume (and will check ASAP since doing a bit of reading on this site) that our two loans are cross collateralised, not sure how to use equity without having everything attached. We have been really happy with ME bank but unsure whether to have all loans with one lender.
Any advice/hints/tips for beginner investors looking to start increasing our small property portfolio would be greatly appreciated. I know I have a lot to learn and the knowledge gained on this site is invaluable!
Have been using and happy to recommend PTBear(Peter Tersteeg PH. 98773000) who posts on this forum.


Ooh me me! I highly highly recommend Steve a.k.a. Bradsdad on this forum!!! Most thorough, professional, friendly, easy-going, PROACTIVE, fellow you could meet.
He dosen't mind lots of questions, he is easy to get on the phone and when he talks things make sense.

IP1 all set up nicely with Steve's help. Planning on harrassing him mid year for IP2.