Recommendations for a brisbane Tax Agent/Accountant

Hi all,

Only started in IP portfolio since 2009 (have 2 IP atm) , interested in structures/loans/tax strategies to ensure we are on the right path for our current and future portfolio.

Can someone recommend people they use ? Preferably CBD or southside brisbane around Macgregor area.

Also what sort of cost is normally associated with such service?

PS. Have used the search function on this forum its not working for me, google turned up Just wondering if there are more?

I don't know of any accountants in Brisbane however the firm that I work for (which is based in Melbourne) has clients in Brisbane, so a partner of the firm goes to Brisbane a couple of times a year. If you are interested you can PM me.
Thanks pickle, I will keep you in mind. Tho I do prefer someone local if at all possible but will give it a lil bit of time to see if there are more options.
Hello Urban_cowboy,

Thank you for your suggestion, as my original post indicated. I have tried the search function on this forum and it just gives me a url reply to and a blank page.

So the answer is yes, unfortunately the built in search function does not like either me or the two browsers I use (Firefox and IE). And I have tried it again just now same result unfortunately.

If search is working for you, could you kindly PM me with some of the URLs in the past? Greatly appreciated.