Recommendations for builder in Adelaide

Hi all,

I am new to subdivision, but have taken the plunge and have purchased two adjacent blocks in the inner south of Adelaide with a view to building 6 townhouses. They will be a mixture of single and two storey residences with, what I would consider, a mid-level spec (a mixture of tiled and carpet floors - maybe with floorboards, 2700 ceilings, modern bathroom and kitchen fixtures, etc.).

I am well advanced with planning and, after getting initial quotes from a mixture of large, medium and small builders based on my own concept plans, have engaged a builder with a preliminary services agreement to develop my concept plans into working drawings, get planning and building approval from council, soil reports, engineers reports, etc. But I am a bit concerned that their quote for some of the designs are starting to creep up... and this is before I have even started building!

The designs are mine, so I have no problems with copyright going to another builder. Can anyone recommend any good builders in Adelaide who are reliable, provide good value for money and who are a good fit for a project of this size?

Many thanks.