Recommended builders in Qld - Hayman Homes

:eek:I deal with quite a few builders in SEQ and I have seen the range of service and quality of most of them.

Given the recent events - a really big thumbs up to Hayman Homes for their level of service and communication.

From an investor's perspective and a property manager's perspective - they are really great homes and people to deal with. The specs are higher than your bog standard House and land, the layouts are generally pretty good.

The girls in the office - always helpful, the building supervisors - always accessible and won't fob off small details that require attention. (I'm pretty fussy for my clients - and some building supervisors don't like this - but as I tell my clients, my relationship with them is just starting and if it bugs me, it will continue to bug while the builders can still fix it - they should)

If anyone has any problems with their builders or feedback that they can share with us in here - please let us all know.