Recommended Quantity Surveyors??

Hi, I need to get some depreciation schedules prepared for a couple of investments properties, so I can complete my Tax Return. Is there any Quantity Surveyors in Melbourne that somebody can recommend?? Both properties are located in the Melbourne inner city area. Thanks Jason.

I have used BM & T and found them to be quite good and reasonably priced. I don't have their phone number handy or else I would pass it on to you.

Hi Jason

The cheapest and the best Quantity Surveyors I have used is Baglin Partners in Heidelberg. Phone number is 9458 4033. I was very pleased with the report and the prompt and service.



BMT & Assoc Melb PH 9654 2233 Very good.

Always do your own thinking.

I was in Canberra two ago visiting a family members unit.

The property Manager for a very large Canberra firm inspected the unit. When I asked could she refer a good local QS firm she replied "Based on my extensive experience and given this property's age a QS report would not be worth it".

Two weeks later the report showed first year depreciation at approx 7,000 a good result for a report costing only $500 before tax.!!

I get my QS reports done just after exchange contracts then lodge ITWV (New 221D) based on settlement date. Always settle on friday and tennants move in the next day. Simple

I know this post is a bit old now but I have also used Baglin and found them to be very fast and helpful - plus they gave us a very good result.:D