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From: Anonymous

Attn Gail H

Could you please provide further information on the book you mentioned, "Realistic Real Estate Investment" please?

Also, if others can recommend good reading material, it would be greatly appreciated.

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From: Gail H

The book is "Realistic Real Estate Investing" by Austin Donnelly. You're more than welcome to borrow mine for as long as you like. You can even write on it if you like. If you would like it, leave me your email address and I will drop you an email so we can make contact. Naturally, I understand if you would prefer to keep it anonymous.

Dolf de Roos book "Real Estate Riches" was my wake up call. Its incredibly inspiring, but he is over the top and I have read a couple of savage critiques of some of his claims. Nevertheless, I think its a terrific book.

I also like Sean O'Reilly's book, which is a recent one. He likes shares too, but he made most of his wealth in real estate.


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From: See Change

Perhaps one should put Jan Somers
" More Wealth from Residential Property " at the top of the list.

Dolf's book certainly is worth a read as he likes to push the boundaries.

The one I read first up and would put as my first recommendation is Jan's " Story by Story ". Having the chance to share the experience of many other people's real life experience put every thing into perspective for me, taking it out of the realm of theoretical knowledge and into the real world

see change

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From: Rolf Schaefer

These four books I also found very good reading material:

- How to make your money last as long as you do by Margaret Lomas
- How to create an income for life by Margaret Lomas
- It's easy to be a property millionaire by Craig Turnbull
- Streets Ahead by Monique & Richard Wakelin

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From: Mark Laszczuk

A book I reckon everyone should read, but isn't about investing, is 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen Covey. It's terrific for: personal/professional/business and investment. Totally inspiring, if it doesn't change your life then you're not trying hard enough. (Well, that's what I reckon). Me suspects this is where Michael Croft gets his win/win approach from?

'no hat, some cattle'
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