Recycled Carpet?



From: Fiona W

Hi everyone,

We are just about to start doing some repairs etc. to a small investment unit we have in Melbourne (due to naughty tenants!!) Someone told me ages ago that there is a place where you can buy used carpet. It's like where an office block, eg. a govt. department, is being refurbished, and the carpet they replace is too good to throw, so it is made available to sell...or something along these lines. Has anyone heard of this, or know of a place that sells second hand carpet?! Sorry to sound a bit ditzy!!

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From: Paul Zagoridis

I've bought second hand carpet at auction and from organised traders.

At Auctions you normally must bid on the whole lot, so see who buys it and ask them if you can have some. Grey Eisdell Timms group have auctions everywhere.

Sydney Carpet Centre Is where I bought mine.

You might try calling layers in your area (check the yellow pages) they should know.

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From: Jeanette .

I don't know of any in Melbourne but I just wanted to say that I used second hand carpet from a hotel for my new rental house and it is really good. When the council inspector came to do the final inspection on the house he said he felt like he was in a cinema because of the carpet. The quality of the carpet is much better than any brand new domestic quality carpet. I have bought brand new carpet in the past and it has been ruined beyond repair (stained and flattened pile) in 2 years. When I recarpet the house I live in I will buy second hard carpet again.
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From: GoAnna !

I would suggest checking out Fowles Auctions who sell some at auction, and you can buy offcuts and the usual run of the mill carpets. Also if you can handle the leg work the Trading Post is worth a look.

GoAnna !
(aka Anna before she got real)
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From: The Wife


How do you know there was carpet in a hopper!!??

hahaha, love ya!

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From: Russell H

McMats ( bayswater? - outer east anyway ) - i've got several pieces for my own extension - stock changes quickly, some great carpet, usually commercial quality. they will lay and clean as well - not every carpet layer likes second hand commercial!

hope this helps.
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From: Fiona W

Thanks for all your help everyone! I now have somewhere to start, and the task of fixing this place up doesn't seem quite so daunting anymore!

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