Recycled materials for granny flat.

I'm about to demolish a house and from a builder's perspective, I see a lot of construction materials that will go to waste when it could easily be removed and used to build a granny flat.
Granny flats don't necessarily need new and high end finishes, you could easily reuse most materials, clean it up and slap a coat of paint on it and it'll be cheaper in comparison to purchasing new materials. It will require a bit of legwork, but the savings may be more valuable to you than the time spent seeking the materials.
The materials that could be reused include timber for framing, bricks, external cladding, sliding doors, windows, roof tiles, joinery, shower screens and toilet fitments, light fittings, and the list goes on.

This scenario would probably be more suited for someone who's building the granny flat themselves, or managing the build. I'm sure if you looked on gumtree, there'd he hundreds of ads with people trying to sell their old materials. Also because granny flats require less materials than a standard hoise, you'd easily find materials in quantities required by yourself.

Anyway, I thought this might be a good option for those trying to find ways of adding value! I know I'm considering it.
You need to ask yourself what you value your time at etc de-nailing all the timber, cleaning all the mortar off the bricks.

If you go to some building sites and speak to the builder some of them might let you take the left over materials which will not require any work to be done because most of the materials are still new.

On our sites I was speaking to the guys who clean all the sites and they said with all the job sites they clean up they would have enough material to build 2 whole houses a year. Other than cabinets and windows.

We are always throwing out new lengths of timber and there always stacks of bricks and roof tiles being thrown out.