Reducing size of photo for profile

Hi all

I've suddenly decided to add an image to my profile and am looking for those technically minded folks amongst us for advice about reducing the size of photos/images to use for the profile image.

On the page for uploading the image, the guidelines are that the image must be below 400x400 pixels and less than 75kb in size. I have the choice of 2 photos - 1 photo that is 107kb in size (unsure about pixel size) or another that I can reduce to underneath the required 400x400 pixel size in photoeditor, but is a huge 1.6MB in size.

Any advice??

FYI for others.

There is a free program online (similar to photoshop) which can help you manipulate photos.

Go to pixlr and open the image you want (from the web or your pc). Once it is open, go to the Image menu and choose "Image Size". Here you can set pixel width and height (ie in this case 400x400 pixels).

Then choose from the File menu, "Save". A dialog box will appear asking you to name the file, in which format you want to save the file, and it will show a file size. As an example, if you choose jpeg, you have a quality scale, that you can increase or decrease and it will show you the final file size before you save it (ie reaching a goal of =<75KB).

There are a heap of other things you can do as well (you would probably need "Canvas Size" as well), but I thought it is worth knowing about a free online editor and how to quickly manipulate the size of image files.