Referrals database

Does anyone know if there is a database anywhere that registers tenants and their referrals, ie. to check out the "star rating" of a prospective tenant.

Thank you
Hi Cathy

Yes there are a number of organisations in each state which do exactly as you have asked. They have been established and are used for a fee by licenced Real Estate Agents.

If you are doing your own management, the task is difficult. This may be a reason to consider using a REA Property Manager as they have the better facilities to access these organisations.

I am an RE Agent and I engage PM's to do all my work while I go on with my other investing tasks.


There are some free property association based ones as well as the commercial systems (egTICA)

Ill have a search and see if I can find the info
Thank you all for your prompt replys. I had a rental property a few years ago, but circumstances required I sell it. Now I am determined to get back in (and stay).

i couldnt find the info i was after - sunstone or Mike are the link experts and prolly have it bookmarked :)

i dont self manage so I only read it in passing
Originally posted by Gozooo
Does anyone know if there is a database anywhere that registers tenants and their referrals,

I manage my own properties and joined the "Landlords Advisory Service" .

They will do a tenant database check for $10, and a credit report for $10, it costs about $40 a year for membership.
They've got a website

They're Perth based, but I dont know if they operate in other states.

Dear Gozooo,

Suggest you checkout a previous post of mine which details a government report which analysed the core tenancy databases. (How valuable to you is a database with only a couple of hundred names?)

Before you self-manage make sure you have thoroughly thought this one through. Also think about the number of properties that an individual property manager has to be handling before it becomes viable?

XBenX - Unfortunately there are no FREE tenancy databases. We live in a user pays society.

Kim -Good to see that LAS is utilising the National Tenancy Database for it's check's. Gives it a lot more teeth than a database without any serious numbers.