Reflection & Thankyou etc.



From: JustAMum B

Just I note of reflection, thankyou and future anticipation.

First, thankyou to Jan Somers and ALSO to those wonderful people who regularly appear on the Forum, and especially those that contribute time and positive or REALISTIC knowledge and/or experience. Especially when this shows the braveness of spirit to contribute BAD as well as GOOD experiences/knowledge. As well as to those wonderful comments that encourage and support. The world is full of different views and experiences, of people and events going well in general bad times, of insights and differing views on the same single event that provides a rich tapestry of life that makes life truly worth living. Thankyou, THANKYOU, ORGINISERS, as well as CONTRIBUTORS who give this forum the worthiness that I wish continues.

Eric, that last post that I read that you were involved in on this site was in such humour and stoutness of spirit, despite an obvious rebuttal for past actions that I am not aware of, that I could laugh. Thankyou for your contribution of stoutness, and of willingness to contribute. And I trust your positive contributions will continue.

I must say, I have found this current time of my life the hardest I have ever done, due to my family commitments and the conflict of issues between my dreams of being 'a good mum for the future of my children' and my work ethics and desire to 'secure my future'. I am thankful to this forum of providing me an outlet, and I hope a sounding board on financial issues.

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From: Alan Hill


I think it's posts like this that would confirm that your probably not a 'JustA' at anything but rather a great example to others in a number of areas. Being a parent, earning an income and trying to keep your eye on the future for your family through forums like this IS time consuming and not easy. On top of this you still find the time to pass on your thanks and experience.
I would reinforce JustAMum's thanks to the Somers and all the regular contributors to this forum as I also continue to learn much here.....oh, and a big cheer for JustAMum!
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From: Sheldon Lipschitz

I must add a big "HEAR HEAR" to the sentiment expressed by JustAMum.
I have learnt so much from this forum and hope one day I'll be able to contribute as competently to those seeking help.
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