Refurbishing roller blinds

Hello all,

Having recently purchased a house, I have about 12 old roller blinds that although they operate fine, the fabric is worn and faded beyond usability.

I have quotes for new blinds but was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that replaced just the fabric on roller blinds as the rolls and mechanisms are in working order.

The company I got quotes for new blinds said they can do it but it only works out at a saving of about $10 as all the cost is in the fabric. Seems a bit odd to me, surely the rollers would be worth something?


No, they are worth nothing.
It costs nearly as much to recover them as make new ones.
Are the new one's the type with the pull chain mechanism?
Spend the time and energy on bigger issues than saving a couple of bucks :)
Firstly are the blinds interior or exterior.?
If they are interior l would just get new ones or put up timber ventians. Spot light stores are a great place to buy the blinds what ever sort you like also Decor to Go is a fabulous store if its in Sydney.
If they are exterior blinds ask yourself if you can do with out them. Once again though l would just buy new ones. The rollers will be close to their use by date.
good luck cheers
My mate recently renovated his house and one of the things he did was curtains.

He bought his first set of curtains from spotlight and that cost him about $140.

His parents were then going to Hong Kong, so while they were there they ordered curtains for him and get it shipped back. Curtains were good quality ones too, similar quality to the one he bought at spotlight.

He was able to cover all the other windows in the house for $140 in total. So maybe if you have any friends or relative in asia, it might be worthwhile trying to source something over there.
Cheers for the replies,

They are interior ones and the new ones were of the pull chain variety. I prefer the older pull down and hold ones but am not fussed. will check out decor to go and spotlight for prices while I am at it.

Seems new blinds it is.
ikea or spotlight

New ones not too pricey at Spotlight or Ikea. The advantage of the new blind cords (all connected in a loop with thingo to attach to wall) is that it is harder for children to strangle themselves on them.