Regents Park - Brisbane

Hello everyone,

I am considering an IP in Regents Park area in Brisbane. 3 beds about $330k and 4 bed about $380k. Do you think Regents Park has capital growth potential ? Is it easy to find a tenant to support my monthly repayment ? It seems like a lot of supply in this area.

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Ken
Hi Rixter,

The gross return is about 5%, weekly rent is about $330 for 3 beds and $380 for 4 beds. 20 km away from CBD. easy access to HWY. big lot normally within the range of 700 to 800 sqm. this area also supported by schools and shopping centre which appear attractive to me. However, I have no idea about this area in terms of capital growth potential ? tenant mixed ? whether easy to find tenant ?

Thanks. Ken
Ken I take it you have not run a comparative sales & rental report for the property and immediate area.. I suggest you do to find out the answers to your questions.. may I suggest my preferred site to do this for you or if you know a REA get them to run you an rpdata or residex equivilent.

Here also a link to some free info sites that may be of help too. But remember being free its not as comprehensive as the paid sites I listed above.

I hope this helps... let me know how you go.
I bought my PPOR in nearby Hillcrest recently (well, almost a year ago now), so here's what I see in the area from my unsophisticated perspective:

The Good:
Area is growing, lots of new retail development next to Browns Plains Plaza ( and also a new industrial/commercial area (Southlink Business Park).
Park Ridge is a "Regional Development Area" for Residential and Employment according to the SEQ regional plan. Longer term and a bit further out, Greenbank is an "Identified Growth Area."

The Bad:
Lots of FHBs, prices may be a bit sensitive to interest rate rises in the short term. Of course, that could be another "good" if you wait a little...

The Ugly:
Median prices seem to have pretty much tripled over the last 10 years. Can't go at that rate forever... or can it?