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From: Donna Larcos

In the hunt for cashflow positive
properties, where is the best place to find
capital growth information on good solid
regional areas in New South Wales. Also
those of you buying in regional areas, are
you sacrificing capital growth to get those
under $80,000 properties which are
giving good rental return?

Also did everybody like the article in the
Herald yesterday about Sydney running
out of land and the rising generation of
permanent renters?
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From: Cathy Baxter

On 4/10/01 9:32:00 AM, Donna Larcos wrote:
>In the hunt for cashflow
>properties, where is the best
>place to find
>capital growth information on
>good solid
>regional areas in New South
>Wales. Also
>those of you buying in
>regional areas, are
>you sacrificing capital growth
>to get those
>under $80,000 properties which
>giving good rental return?
>In a word yes - got some good yielding properties - and plenty more to be had, no cap growth - it annoys me, but how do i research elsewhere and be knowledgeable about other areas?
>Also did everybody like the
>article in the
>Herald yesterday about Sydney
>out of land and the rising
>generation of
>permanent renters?
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Cathy

Try me for some free data re cap groth and rent returns for anywhere in NSW


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