Regulars and Newbies being sued?

From: Alan Hill


I just noticed the following email post in another section and I thought part of it had wider interest in this section.
Is it true that regulars to this forum have been sued or threatened to be sued for comments they have made here?
Oh no........we don't want to contribute anything more to Eric Snow!!

Just one question....

Are you going to start suing people if in their post they mention they don't agree with the style of your companies operation.

Similar companies to yours have "been here and done that" within this forum already. There has been a number if instances that similar companies have tried to sue both regulars and newbies on this forum for saying what they think.

I am sure there are quite a few of us that would love to hear a real answer to this question. Please remember that this is an open forum for everyone to express themselves and get feed back (both positive and negative). Any legal action that may be taken would in my mind only further discredit the industry you work in.

I do look forward to your post and welcome you to the forum.

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From: Anonymous

Yes Alan it's true... I've been on the receiving end of a less than friendly email, and that was for saying much less than many others have.
Sorry about the anonymous, but I didn't want to point fingers or embarrass anyone.
The issue was resolved amicably after further emails were exchanged.
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From: Jeremy Laws

Well I suspect the sueing issue is total crap! Be a fun case to watch in court - if it happens invite me!
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