REIV predicts next hot spots

For all the Residex critics guess what was their #1 pick in Victoria - data released in July 09! SKYE. Hmm....there goes the lock it in Eddie moment. :)
Well said.

And for all the inner city critics who think the only way to make money is to buy sub $300k, guess what 2 of the top 5 are. Carlton and Toorak.

"But of course what would the REIV know compared to me." (I thought I'll write the response some might give).
Have seen many high profile real estate agents and spruiker/expert types over the years in the media, advising the listeners of how only certain (pricey) inner areas should be invested in etc. And totally steering people away from many affordable middle/outer suburbs, regional, coastal etc type areas. Reason being they don't sell there.

Some of these areas have still shown equivalent or superior yield and growth to the inner areas.