REIV Seminar in Melbourne

From: Kristine .

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria, in conjunction with the Department of Fair Trading and Business Affairs, is offering a FREE Property Investment Seminar, entitled "Everything you need to know about investing in Property", on

Tuesday 7th May, 2002 at 6.30pm
Carlton Crest Hotel
65 Queens Road
Melbourne (Melways Map 58 E10)

The evening is free, but bookings are essential. Phone 1300 13 45 13, or register online at or for more information pick up a brochure from any ANZ branch.

REIV funding is provided by the Minister of Fair Trading and Business Affairs from the Estate Agents Guarantee Fund

Participants are advertised as REIV, Archicentre, Law Institute of Victoria, CPA (Chartered Practising Accountants), the ANZ Bank, and the RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria).


I noticed this advertisement in the local Leader newspaper and have transcribed the text. These are usually very informative evenings, with lots of 'pick up' material, including Archicentre building inspection checklists, info on deposit bonds, insurance, bidding at auction etc

I am not involved with this seminar in any way but thought it should be posted here for maximum coverage.


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From: Lee Mathers

This is a bit rich......

>REIV funding is provided by
>the Minister of Fair Trading
>and Business Affairs from the
>Estate Agents Guarantee Fund

Wouldn't that be "taxpayer funded". Either that or the Minister is a very generous bloke to be giving money to the REIV out of his own pocket.

Man, politicians really piss me off!
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