Reliable Body Corporate Company - Toowong Area

Hi All,

I have a unit at Toowong, which when I bought it was being managed by a terrible body corporate company. So after a lot of time and hassle (this is the short, G-rated version), I finally got it changed to another company.

Now company B is proving to be just as unreliable and basically lazy. It's an uphill battle to get them to do anything every time I (or my PM, or other unit owners in my complex) call them.

I'm almost embarrassed to say the ongoing body corp problems have made me thinking of selling (Eeew what a horrible concept!).

Any unit owners in that area happy with their BC (and for how long)?

Reliable Body Corporate management? Stop it your killing me :D

Doesn't necessarily need to be local. I've encountered some Brisbane BCs managed by Gold Coast operations.

Eagle at Holland Park I recall as cheap but I have no idea of their service levels.

Self manage perhaps?
depends on how many units in the BC and if you can self manage or not.

If you're looking for someone else, I have a mate who has a body corp business up in Bargarra, he's down in Brisbane weekly as far as I know as he also manages properties up and down the coast.

Nice and no bs guy as well which is good
I didn't realise self-managing was an option. Not that I think I would do that just for the sake of 1 unit, but I'm sure I'd do a better job than the current or previous BC.

There are only 5 units in the block.