Reliable Contacts Needed...

Hi all,

I specialise in the Sales & Leasing of Industrial property throughout Western Sydney and often get asked to recommend some good operators that fall under the following categories:

- Racking consultant
- Fit out consultant
- Logistics consultant
- Commercial mortgage broker
- Insurance brokers
- Tenant reps
- Material Handling Equipment companies
- Lawyers
- Town planners

The companies I deal with are generally medium-large in size and I would ideally like to have an operator for each of the above categories which are reliable, trustworthy and competent.

If you can recommend a good operator for any of these categories, I'd be happy to catch up with them for a coffee and discuss how I could send some business their way.

The majority of my work is in Western Sydney so ideally I would have a list of operators who are based in this area.

For Insurance I can highly recommend Insurance Brokers of NSW in Harris Park. They do my business insurance and are excellent. Speak to Keith, advise IT David referred.
For a commercial mortgage broker,

I recommend Aaron Chong from Ace Capital. He's based in Melbourne I believe but it doesn't stop me as I'm from WA.

Though I've only had residential loans gone through him. What I'm most impressed is that he will ensure quick responses and processing.

How can you recommend someone for something, when you haven't yet used their services? (as a commercial mortgage broker)