Relocating a brick vaneir home (same block)

I have a house in the middle of a 720m block. The street frontage is very wide, however the back is quite narrow.
I'm currently running a feasibility on subdividing my land and moving the existing property to the back.
It's a brick vaneir property with timber flooring on stumps
This is in Victoria- city of Monash
I'd love to know what expenses I can expect to incur
So far my feaso looks like
$25k subdivision including connection of services
$7k to remove aesbestos before I can move the house
??? May need to rewire
$7k to chip off all the bricks before I can shift the house (I would love to hear of anyone has a solution for moving a brick vaneir house without having to do this- I've seen a few overseas companies that claim they can move a brick vaneir house in one piece)
$20k to build new stumps and have the house shifted into them
??? Removing the car port from under the roof line and this won't fit- rebuilding a garage / or carport
??? How much does it cost to brick a house with fresh bricks?
What other costs can I expect to incur?
Has anyone done this before and Have any advice for me?

Obviously this isn't going to be the cheapest exercise- I'm weighing it up against demolishing and re-building.
Yes you can move them intact, they build a I beam ladder frame under them. But its not cheap, expect 50k or so.