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From: Debra L

Has anyone on this forum had experience with relocating a house?

If you have a block of land and locate a house that is available for relocation, what council permits etc are required prior to arranging a transport company to move it to your block?

I have heard mention of it costing between $10K - $20K to move a house. Does this sound about right? Do the companies charge an initial fee plus charge by the kilometer?

What would you expect to pay to have it connected to the water, sewerage and power (assuming these are all available to your block)?

Thank you in advance.

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From: Paul Guest


I will be in the process of doing one or two of these in the next 12 months.

In past years the initial relocation (in Melb) would be about $15K.

Things have changed.

I am looking at relocating an old queenslander (in Qld, surprisingly).

Some states/councils require a police escort so your relocater will possibly give you a price (expect $20-25K, plus the cost of the house) that will cover the first 50-100kms. I have been quoted $35/km beyond that limit.

I have allowed $85K all-up including the house, holding costs, new kitchen, bathroom, roof, some plastering, painting in and out, landscaping etc.etc. I am however preparing this property for sale. You could get away with a lot less if you were prepared to pace yourself. It also depends on whether the property is of a particular period or straightforward 50-60's weatherboard.

Mail me direct if you wish to chat more. I could potentially do with someone to 'bounce' ideas off as I get further into my projects.


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From: Jakk Bass - The SLUM LORD

Hi Debra & Paul,

I have a mate that has done this numerous times and he swears by a company that operates from Kurrumburra, Vic.

I don't know what they call themselves but I can't imagine that there is a too many house relocation companies operating in Kurrumburra.

From what he has told me they are definitely a no frills company and charge accordingly, they relocate the house to a new site, put it on the stumps, join the the thing together and then you organise the rest.
I won't even mention on here the prices he has mentioned to me as they seem far too cheap.

Might be worth checking out.

Personally, I hate old houses.


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From: Eddie Scotten

Hi Debra
I am involved with a relocating company.
An approx. price is 65K. This is complete on your block.
If you need any more info, e-mail me

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