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From: Shelly R

Hi All,
Has anyone had experience with removal homes,
as in putting one on your land and renovating?I don't suppose there's much left that you guys haven't done!
Anyone have any dealings with Drake from
Loganholme in Brisbane?
I looked at several old shacks with them the other day and was rather surprised as they seemed a tad expensive.
Cheers Shelly R
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From: Robert Forward

Hi Shelly

When I was in Brisbane last weekend I noticed on my way north towards the Sunshine Coast there was a place on the right hand side 200m before the Burpengary (in otherwords on the Brisbane bound direction side of the highway). There was a commercial block of land that had what looked like 20-30 houses in it ready for relocation.

Sorry but I can't give you there number as I didn't get it written down, not so easy to do when your driving at 110kph.

But if anyone else knows these guys or lives in the area. How about finding out the phone number for Shelly


The Sydney "Freestylers" Group Leader.
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From: Scott Elsom


Try these:

Eddy Wright House Removers (07) 3888 2234
(this is the one that Robert mentioned at Brupengary. They have lots to choose from and I'm sure they will be negotiable, 'cause their houses tend to sit around on their lot for quite a while.)


Mackay & Sons House Removals
(07) 3289 3200


Drake Removal Homes
(07) 3801 1992


why not approach someone who is about to move a house off a block. The alternative is that they pay these guys to remove the house and then you pay them more $'s when you buy it off them...why not cut them out and save yourself lots of $'s. Put an ad in the paper, find a cheap one, then get quotes from house removalists to have the house just never know what will turn up.

Where in Brisbane are you planning to relocating a house to?

Why not put a post on the forum and ask if anyone has seen houses that look as though they will be moved offsite, get the details and approach the owners.

There are DA signs going up all over Brisbane at present. They are a pretty good indication that something is going to happen to the house...just ask the owner what they plan to do with the house....they may even give it away (their alternative is to pay a house removalist to take it away for them!)

Hope this helps.

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From: Sergey Golovin


Lady at work getting married (end of February) and want to build new home instead of old one (30-40 years old?) they had for 2-3 years.

Builder has been selected, money borrowed, etc., looking for some one to sell the existing house to. Asking $3,000 for the whole lot. I suggested sell it separately, kitchen, bathroom, etc. through newspaper (remembering Michael C. experience/advise), it is all new, well, year old at the most, front door only two month old.

Anyway they do live on Central Cost NSW. Interesting question is - how much would be transportation cost to QLD, $5-10-15-20K?

Maybe it would be better go shopping locally.

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From: Michael Croft

Hi Shelly,

In my area (south of Sydney) houses 30-50 years old are given away on the condition the site is left clean (cost $1500-2000 depending on footings etc). Transport to within 100k and rejoining, making good, new stumps/piers, all permits etc. $20-25k, but does not include reconnect ion to services (plumbing, drainage, stormwater, electricity, gas).

So you need to budget $30-35k for your free home around here, perhaps a bit more if rural (sewer treatment stuff).

regards, Michael Croft
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From: Shelly R

Thanks Michael and others,
The houses sold by removal companies as Drake
in Brisbane have the price of delivery and
re stumping included.
It's not clear what your paying for the actual house component.We were quoted between
$55,000 and $75,000 depending on the condition and style of the house.You pay more for VJ lining and timber floors(mostly
6"hoop pine)
The land is in Bangalow northern N.S.W.
A 30-50yr old house is not as desirable
compared with an old Colonial or Queenslander.These older style houses are
very popular in the Bangalow area as they simply suite the heritage look of the town and also the type of the tenants and buyers.

Most of these houses need a new roof
and guttering.
All the ones we looked at needed new kitchens and bathrooms.
They need a carport(fitting to style)/garage and driveway.
Many of them only had two bedrooms and possibly a sleep out.I was wondering where they put all the kids?not to mention Granny.
In other words they go way beyond just requiring cosmetics.
Never the less I went to an open house recently put an offer in for $265,000 for one of these homes in Bangalow.It sold for $310,000.This was with no carport and kitchen
not completed.
I'll keep doing my research and track down a guy who used to do it around here as a biz.
We were going to build standard brick Coral or similar but nothing compares to these
lovely old homes in the right setting.
Cheers Shelly
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From: Michael G


Isn't anything like this in Sydney?, ie a company with houses just sitting around?

Michael G
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