Removalist question

Is it safe to let the removalist take all my stuff in their truck and get them to go to the new premises? I don't have a car to follow them behind. I will be loading the stuff into the truck and send them to the new premises where my wife will wait for them.

Do I need to ensure they just don't disappear with my goods or am I just unnecessarily worried? I am just planning to use a cheap removalist from my local newspaper as I don't have a lot of things to move. What do you normally do or what would you do if you were in my place?
Last time I moved had a cheap local removalist do the majority of the move, cheaper, thought supporting local. For me the local cheap mob, scratched and dented my furniture big time, no come back on that as of course they did not offer insurance. I should have listened to my gut as they were loading my stuff. I didn't, but left some of my more expensive stuff at the house. I then paid a larger reputable national removing company to complete the move, no damage, worth every cent of the money.

No you can trust them, per sae, do not need to follow them. I would be cautious about smaller firms given my experience. Ask them for references.
Hi aitsmoi

I hope you do not mind for me to post a similar enquiry in your thread.

I have also just sold my property. Will be needing a removalist early next year.

So my questions are:

Is it a good idea to book the local removalist now or should I wait til closer to the moving date?

What is the average cost for a removalist in a sydney suburban?

Thank you for your view


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If you are certain of the moving date, you can book earlier. I have called few removalists in my area and got quotes from them. I am yet to make a booking. I'll make a booking this week for next week.

The costs really vary. I've got quotes ranging from $120/hr to $60/hr. I got cheaper quotes from the ads I found in a local community newspaper. I found Chinese removalists way cheaper. They charge about $60/hr to $70/hr. I used them once many years ago. They were ok. If you have expensive and delicate items, better to use a well-known removalists. In my case, I don't have much stuff so I might just hire the Chinese brothers. It will save me heaps. I hope they will be ok.
We've moved 6 times relatively recently, including one overseas move. We have never had a single thing go wrong or broken, but you pay for what you get.

We've only ever used companies which are either registered with AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Assoc) or which carry their own "Full Carrier's Liability Insurance". You need to check their actual paperwork. We also only use companies which accept credit cards. It's a red light to us if they demand cash only, but don't expect any removalist to accept a cheque at the end of the move.

Removalists seem to be unregulated here so you really have to do your homework. The idea of letting some men and truck from the local paper disappear over the horizon with your worldly possessions is just plain silly.

Good companies, even for small moves, are quite flexible, and even though they like to have your probably move dates as early as possible, they are always having to deal with last minute changes.

Our last move was organised through a removalist broker, who took an inventory and sent it out for bids. However, that's only really worthwhile for a broker to do if you have a large household full of stuff.

Edit: Get a fixed amount quote, not a per hour qhote. Gosh, how ghastly not knowing what you are going to end up paying.
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We've moved 6 times relatively recently, including one overseas move. We have never had a single thing go wrong or broken, but you pay for what you get.

WOW! I want to know who you use....

I personally have 12 interstate/international moves under my belt, and something (however minor) always goes wrong. I am talking large companies, full insurance etc...

It might only be a scratch, dent, broken ornament or glass, but it has been up to about $3000 damage in one instance. All covered by insurance, but a damn inconvenience.

Tip: if you are concerned, use a reputable company and ensure you have adequate insurance.
WOW! I want to know who you use....

Happy to say since none have caused any grief. So far. Sorry to hear you've had to make claims on insurance.

Our 6 moves with 4 companies.

Bekins USA --> Aust.

Miller's Moves in Vic

Ron Wilson Removalists Vic --> QLD

Reliable Moves in QLD

None are budget lines.
Try and use a larger removal company and always check their insurance prior to booking.

Also, some insurance companies will also allow insurance of your household contents during the move so best to speak to them directly.

If you have anything valuable and can move it yourself, probably a good idea to do so.

One last thing...something that was passed onto me.

Have all details i.e telephone numbers, etc copied at both locations and perhaps a car.

If possible, number the boxed and give rough drawing to the removalists as to where things are to go.

Also, pack one or two boxes just with the essentials i.e kettle, tea, coffee, keys, bed linen etc just in case you do want to go looking through all the boxes.

Good luck with the move.